World Earth Day 2018 celebration.

“The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth”, with this farsighted  vision where the  R.E.D. School aims at bringing out sweet results which was reflected by planting the fruits saplings

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“RED School Jhajjar conduct a  Inter House Quiz  to celebrate  the historic  performance of athletes  who , participated  in 21st  Common Wealth Games , 2018 hosted by Gold Coast, Australia.”


Article Writing

An Inter House Article writing activity was conducted on 25th May, 2018 in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. This was yet another time for students to jolt up innovations and creativity and to take a dip into sea of thought thinking critically about the latest happenings around them and bring out an interesting piece with emotional, analytical and writing skills. The topic for the activity was ‘Article writing’.

All the students participated with enthusiasm. All were well prepared. Equality House got first position, Freedom House got second position and Peace House got third position.


Inter House  Badminton Competition:

This year 1st round of badminton tournament was conducted today. It was an Inter House Competition. In this competition there were four teams from four houses. It was great show of compassion, passion, strength and sportsmanship.

There were five rounds conducted to decide the winner house :

Badminton Competition Results :  

The result chart was topped by Unity house followed by Freedom house as 1st runner up, Equality house as 2nd runner up and Peace house, we wish some day you will come back stronger.




Carrom Board Inter House Competition

Like many sports, carrom also requires focus and determination to succeed but, in addition to that, carrom also requires a good knowledge of gerometry and angles to put the difficult points/coins in the pocket.

 Today it was a day to celebrate sports and sportsmanship. Keeping the very concept we organised a carrom competition among the houses. All the houses participated enthusiastically. There were three participants from each house. The carrom activity was organised  for the category : III to V. Even though students don’t play carom when the outdoor activities are possible, the spirit shown by the students indicates passion. The results were as mentioned below :




Celebration Portray Making

Endangered Means There’s still time.  Endangered species are like fire alarm. They tell us about problems in our home we call Earth. If we listen to their alarm calls, they could help us improve our lives and the health of our planet. With the same regards, school has organized an Inter House activity, “Portray Making on endangered species” on 4th May 2018 for primary level students. Three participants from each house took part in the activity with full enthusiasm under the guidance of science department. Students worked very well and drawn beautiful portrays of endangered species. The outcome of the effort was awesome in the form of artistically presented portray’s with the innovative pencil shading and colour usage. All houses performed well but Equality house holds 1st position followed by Unity house 2nd position and Freedom house 3rd position.


Inter House Poster Making competition:

Eon 4th May, 2018 Inter House Poster Making competition was held in the topic being Van Mahotsav & Bird Protection. The objective of this competition was to aware children about the problems of  deforestation, endangered species of birds and how we can protect our surroundings.

Children from category VI-VIII participated enthusiastically. They displayed their imagination and creating on paper with wonderful colors. There were three  participants from each house. It was a wonderful display of thoughts.

Results were announced. Freedom house topped the result chart with wonderful work. Equality house was the 1st runner up followed by Unity house. Peace house has to still work hard to perform will in upcoming activities.


Inter House Show & Tell Competition

To foster public speaking and social skills in our little leaders of tomorrow, an Inter House ‘Show & Tell’ Competition was held on 21st May, 2018. The objective of the competition was to help the children revise the theme and develop presentation and speaking skill in them.

Children from category Nur.-II participated enthusiastically. They described different objects in their own beautiful words. Some students described their favourite toys, some described favourite objects in their beautiful imagination. It was a wonderful competition and students were very much prepared for the competition.

Dr. Gayatri motivated the students with her beautiful words.

Results are announced : Freedom House got First position, Unity House got Second position & Equality House got Third position.


Inter house Table Tennis Competition

Table Tennis is one of the fastest sports we have, children displayed their table tennis smashes and shots on May 11th, 2018.

As on this day we organised an Inter House Table Tennis Competition in our school premises. All houses participated with full zeal and passion.

The competition was organised for category IX-X in the sports complex. There were seven rounds conducted to reach to the winner.

Nipun from freedom house won 1st position, Himanshu Samota from Peace house was on 2nd position. Himanshu Pandey from Equality stood third and Vanshika from Unity house was 3rd runner up.

It was good display of sportsmen’s. The results were as mentioned below :

Table Tennis Competition 

First                              Second               Third                  

Freedom                      Peace                  Equality