R.E.D. Celebration World Heritage Day

Learning through activities is a very good example of creative learning in students’ life. For this Social & Environmental Club celebrated the special day on April 18, 2017. This day is celebrated as ‘World Heritage Day’ every year. The objective of this activity was to create awareness among the students to conserve & protect the valuable assets and cultural heritage across the world. To celebrate the day students performed some interesting and massage giving activities in the assembly.

                In the assembly the importance of the day was quoted by Anshita & Chestha through conversation.

Students arrested audiences attention through their inspirational & motivational thought and speech.

 A poem was recited by Deepika A quiz was conducted by Shweta to update the general knowledge of the students.  All the students participated enthusiastically & actively in activities. At last but not least, a pledge was taken by the school not to deface and destroy the world heritage. All students were very happy and learnt a massage of preserving & conserving the heritage which they have inherited by their ancestors and are likely to forward the legacy to the generation to come.


World Health Day

On 7th April 2017, in the premises of R.E.D. was celebrated World Health Day, by Scientific Club.

Club Incharge Mr. Parmjeet awared students about the hazard created by unhealthy food & sedentary life-style.

Through quiz, talk, poem students urge the audience ‘Say No’ to junk food and switch to simple healthy & nutritious food.

School also initiated the step & incorporated fruit and snack break in academic schedule.


R.E.D. School, Jhajar

World Earth Day, 2017

(By : Scientific Club)

“Mother Earth is the culmination of multiple and diverse energies, which is brought together to create a rich aesthetic experience with a message of harmony and co-existence”. A Special Assembly at R.E.D School , Jhajjar on the occasion of Earth Day was led by the students  to demonstrate the support and concern for Environmental protection. The assembly started with the “Gayatri Mantra”  followed by the prayer. To dedicate this day to Mother Earth the dance troupe of the school performed on the theme “Environment and Climate Change Literacy” which was well choreographed and kept toes tapping. The dance drama exhibited the harm caused to our environment by mankind for their personal benefit, the ill effects of environmental pollution on living beings and showcased the solutions to save and preserve the green planet. The thought of the day was presented by  Jatin and the comparing  was done by Sneha. The assembly concluded with the address by the Activity incharge, Mrs. Vandana who motivated and enriched the young minds about the ways in which one could contribute to safeguard the Planet Earth. A Pledge was undertaken by all R.E.Dians to value the generosity of Mother Earth and create an awareness to keep the Earth Clean and Green. The assembly was dispersed after the National Anthem.



Awareness About Social Evils

 On 21st April 2017, various activities in the form of competition were organized in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. As we all are aware that students of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, are working on the project P 2 P (Peer to Per) for spreading awareness among citizens.

A step towards this direction of awareness various competitions were held in the premises of R.E.D. organization. These competitions were Group Discussion, Debate, Slogan writing and Poster making. All these competitions were Inter-House Competitions. Team of Freedom House got First position, Unity got Second and Equality got third position in Debate competition. Individually Ankita from 9th-Tulip got 1st position, Lakshya from 10th class got 2nd position and Chhavi from 10 class got 3rd position.

In group discussion Divyanshu from IX class got 1st position, Tushar from XII-N.C. got 2nd position and Himanshu from IX class got 3rd position.

At the end our honourable chilf guest Mr. Yomit motivated the students for performing a fundamental role for abolishing social evils which are prevalent in the society. After that Our honourable principal Ma’am Geeta Gaba gave a thanking speech to all the participants, teachers and students.

Little Rocking champ.

R.E.D. School, Jhajjar on 17th May, 2017 Painted the school red with unforgettable performance of pre-primary students – The event ‘Little Rocking Champ’ was commenced with the formal welcome of chief guest Ms. Chhavi  God Civil Judge Junior Division cum Judicial Magistrate First class by offering Tulsi plant and a book by Mr. Shailender Ahlawat Deputy Director of R.E.D. School, Jhajjar.

Lighting of the Lamp-

Before starting the programme school management & chief guest offered the reference to Godess Saraswati by lighting the lamp. The event/programme ‘Little Rocking Champ’ was  conceived to showcase the talent of little students of pre-primary which was proved to line-up the expectation of teachers and parents.

One thematic item consisting of dialogue delivery and dance as presented by each group ranged from nursery to 2nd class standared. Themes like parts of body. Junk food vs Healthly food, My family and Means & Used of Transports, Based on their academic curricular were selected. Kids did it so well that the audience was startled to see their confidence and readiness to take their turn. Through their dialogues, they elebarated their role. It was really good to see newly admitted children to face audience on the stage.

Dr. Aanieeta Vaissnava, deputy director of scholastic and co-scholastic of R.E.D. Group of Schools, also thanked and encouraged parents to chip in their kid’s diversified development. She appreciated the efforted of kids and teachers to make the event great success.


One Act Play Competition 

One act play is useful teaching tool as it offers ways of practicing reading, writing, listening and speaking in authentic contents & provides students with the need to communicate. Keeping the same in mind an Inter House One Act Play was organised in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar on 30/05/2017. It was organised on various themes i.e. respect of women, child marriage, value of relations and social issues. All the students were confident and participated with enthusiasm.

Students were judged on the basis of 3 things confidence, facial expressions and stage handling. Unity House stood first, Peace House got 2nd Position and Equality House got 3rd position. Geeta Mam encouraged and appreciated the students.


Painting Competition

Painting Competition was specially design for the students of class 6th to 8th  to enhance their creativity and Presentation skill. R.E.D. Schoo, Jhajjar organized a Painting Competition at Inter House Level on 26/05/17. The Art Club was the host of Painting Competition.

            Students participated in a very enthusiastic manner in the competition and presented with beautiful paintings.

The theme of the painting competition was :-

  • Shadow Painting
  • Self Imagination Painting



Write up Book Re-view Competition

R.E.D. School, Jhajjar organised an Inter House Book Re-view competition on 24/05/17. With an intent to inculcate the habit of reading good book in students and encourage them to polish their language skills in English. Students were exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles & views by prominent authors.

In this competition Ishcchha from Unity House stood 1st, Hanisha from Equality House stood 2nd & Simran from Peace House stood 3rd. Students were judged on the basis of their creative, thinking and artistic way of presenting Book Review.



To encourage sporting spirit among students Inter House Badminton competition was organized at R.E.D. School, Jhajjar campus on 19th July, 2017. It was conducted in Junior categories (VI-VIII) and all four house participated with full zeal and all the students gave their 100% in the competition. It has been observed that all the competitiors have take  keen interest during the above championship and the results as mentions below :

                                               First                                      Second                      Third

Junior Category                 Unity House             Equality House        Freedom House


Principal at R.E.D. School, Jhajjar congratulated the winner and motivated students to participate in games and improve their physical and mental health and also praise to conduct/organised the way of championship.


Inter House Group Discussion Competition.

The school is the best place of learning something new and to check the ability to develop one’s capabilities and communication skills.

To fulfill this purpose an Inter House Group Discussion Competition was held in the school premises. The Competition was organized by Literary club. Four students from each house were selected. Topic of Group Discussion was GST.

            It showed how students worked as a part of team. At last, Jury served the judgment in this series. Unity House grabbed Ist position, Peace House 2nd, Freedom House 3rd position.


Inter House Kabbadi Match.

R.E.D. School, Jhajjar organized Inter House Kabbadi of of boys on 13th July in Junior category classes 6th to 8th. Participants from each house participated in it. This type of competitions enhance the stamina of the students and make them physically fit. All the four houses Equality, Freedom, Peace, Unity participated in it.

First position in Kabbadi Boys was snatched by Equality house. Peace house got second position. Third position was taken by Freedom house. All students performed well and were motivated by Principal and Staff.



Inter House Table Tennis competition for Junior organised by sports department on 14 July, 2017 in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. For mental and physical growth of students. The competition was organised in Junior (VI-VIII) categories and all four houses participated with full zeal and all the students gave their 100% in the competition. It has been observed that all the competitiors have take keen interest during the above championship and the results as mentions below.




19th July 2017, heralded the Inter House Science Quiz Competition at R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation and participation. The teams comprised of three participants per class, per house. Ms. Nirmala and Ms. Nidhi were the quiz masters of the event. The format of the quiz entailed four rounds per each house. All the teams participated actively, the team that scored the most was Peace House which was followed by Equality who took the second position. R.E.D. school encourages positive companion and hopes to bring out the best in all its students through such competitive events. While ensuring that the children learn through all possible ways not just through books and class room teaching.



World Population day is an annual event, observed on July 10 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issue. The event was established by the Governing council of united nation development programme in 1989.

So to aware on the same issue R.E.D. Schoool, Jhajjar observed world population day on July 10 at school with variety of activities. A talk show and speech competition was organized by the scientific club of school during morning assembly which stressed on the ecological issues caused by growing population. Students of class III to XIIth from scientific club, acted as moderators. It was followed by a skit on the growth of world population which is appreciated by all.


Inter House Mime Competition.

R.E.D. School, Jhajjar organized the Inter House Mime competition that is held on 11 July, 2017. The competition provided the students of all the houses to display the unique talent of expressing their feelings without using words. The students not only performed wonderfully but also enjoyed their performances to the core. The judges of the  competition were included, , Freedom Students from all the houses exhibited great control over their gestures and creativity at the competition. They also presented socially significant messages through their performances. All the houses performed beautifully but Equality was able to snatch the first position Peace had to be satisfied with second and third position, respectively Unity.

Principal, Ms. Geeta Gaba appreciated the efforts of participants and congratulated all teams for their remarkable performance and their achievement.


World Memorial Day Celebration

On 26 July 2017 World Memorial Day was celebrated in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar with full enthusiasm, joy and feeling of patriotism. The programme was started with lamp lighting by our honourable principal Ma’am Mrs. Geeta Gaba. Students participated in various activities. Some students presented a group song. We all show that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time o time with the blood  of patriots and tyrants and to reflect the same theme a skit was presented by shining starts of R.E.D. school, Jhajjar. At last a motivational speech was given by Principal Ma’am Mrs. Geeta Gaba


Inter House Swimming Competition.

On 25 July 2017 in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. Swimming Competition for Senior category was held under the supervision of coach and P.T.I.

Competition served the purpose downrightly. Swiftness, agility, enjoys spirit to outdo and a sense of relief in such a scorching heat was conspicuously noticed.

Swimming is good to strengthen muscular system. It tones up our body. Moreover children take delight splashing the water in hot weather so Senior students participated more eagerly & enjoyed such understated competition.

For it was competition so to dole out the position was mandatory.

Positions are as following :


                                                 First                           Second                      Third

                                                Freedom                   Equality                     Peace

Principal R.E.D. School, Jhajjar appreciated the efforts of participant and congratulated them for their remarkable achievement.


Inter House Chess & Carom Board Competition.


Inter House chess and carom board competition for Junior category was organised by sports department on 27 July 2017 at R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. Keeping in mind the aim for mental and physical growth of students, the competition was organised for junior (III to V) category and all the students gave their 100% in the competition s. All the competitors took keen interest in the competition displayed wonderful understanding of the games despite being so young. The results were as mentioned below :

Chess Competition  

                                                 First                           Second                      Third

                                                Unity                          Equality                     Peace

Carom Board Competition 

                                                  First                           Second                      Third

                                                Peace                         Equality                     Freedom


Principal of R.E.D. School, Jhajjar congratulated the winner and motivated the students to participate in games and to improve their physical and Mental health. She also praised the way in which the competition was organised by Sport club.


Inter House English Essay Writing Competition.

R.E.D school, Jhajjar organised an Inter – House Essay writing competition on 08 July 2017 (Saturday) which was conducted under sub. Junior category (Classes III-V) . Unity House stood first, Equality House stood second & Peace House got third position. The primary objective of this competition was to give students opportunity to engage in debate through writing and to prepare them for argumentative writing & to develop strategies to become more confident, critical & autonomous writers.

Honorable Principal Mr. Vinod Kumar appreciated the efforts of participants and congratulated all the teams for their remarkable performance and their achievement and told them that such kind of competition can be helpful for enriching their language skills, confidence and competitive skills



Inter House Science Quiz competition was held on 11August-2017 at R.E.D. Jhajjar. It was an extremely informative afternoon for participants as well as the audience.

There were total 5 rounds in which each was given 2 questions each. A special team of judges had been given the responsibility to give answers of the buzzer round :

            Hon. Director of R.E.D. Group of Institute Sh. Jitender Singh Ahalawat  was the chief guest for the competition.

            Ms. Aishwarya, Ms. Neha and Ms. Arpana were in the compering team.

            Members of Jury : Mr. Sanjeev Khanna, Mr. Dikshant, Mr. Vivek and Ms. Neha Malik.

            At the end after a tough fight unity house became the winner and there was a tie between Freedom and Equality house. In the tie-breaker round Freedom house gave the right answer and stood at 2nd position and 3rd position was bagged by Equality house.

            At last Hon. Director Sh. Jitender Singh Ahalawat spoke motivational words and encouraged the efforts made by all the participants.


Yoga Orientation programme

R.E.D. school, Jhajjar organised a Yoga Orientation programme, Mr. Praveen Arya from Patanjali Yoga Trust oriented the students.

The motive to organize Yoga Orientation Programme was to awake growing up students from their sedentary life style. Yoga provides physical agility and mental peace. It retains the physical strength and bolster internal organ mechanism, the is very important to lead healthy life.

So to understand its necessity on  22 August 2017. This programme was held. The programme was meant for both Girls & Boys.

Principal of R.E.D. School, Jhajjar motivated the students to excel best in their life by doing Yoga regularly.


Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations by the Pre-Primary

Krishna Janmashtami (Lord Krishna”s Birth day) also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanti. Celebrated on the eighth day of Savana month, Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the children of Pre-Primary at R.E.D.  School Jhajjar.

Children came dressed in, as Krishna and Radha and other colorful outfits. They made and wore Peacock feather head-gears and decorated matkas and flutes. The Pre-primary was decorated colorfully with Jhankis depicting the birth place of Lord Krishna and Krishna Jhoola. A special assembly was conducted to mark the birth of the deity. Children celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy.


Inter House Flag Making Competition

Flag making competition was held on 11th August, 2017 in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. The activity was conducted to inculcate the feeling of patriotism among the students of Sub jr. category (III to V). Students showed great enthusiasm and it enhanced their creative skills as students came up with innovative ideas for making flag. In this competition Equality House secured first position. Unity House got second position Peace House secured third position.

Principal of R.E.D. School Jhajjar Smt. Geeta Gaba appreciated the efforts of participants.