Inter class Best Tiffin Competition

A healthy, balanced diet for children provides essential vitamins, minerals and other nutritional goodies that kids need for growth and development.

Keeping the same thought in mind and to inculcate good food habits in students, Best Tiffin competition was organized on 11th April, 2015 in R.E.D. school, Jhajjar. To promote larger participation, it was organized section-wise. The students took part with great enthusiasm and made the competition a success. Student was conscious about the nutritional value, variety as well as the presentation of the food. Judgment was made against the set parameters and result for compiled section wise. At the end   Principal of R.E.D. school, Jhajjar, Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan congratulated the winners and motivated all the participants to perform better and greater next time.


World Health Day

R.E.D, Jhajjar Celebrated World Health Day on 7th April, 2015. Many students took part enthusiastically to make the programme a success. Daisy, a student from X class casted spot light on food habits and health-ensuring activities in our daily life. Yashika, from X standard gave an Arial view of the history of the Day and explained its objectives and the Spirit. Varsha came up with a poem and sensitised the students and staff with her beautiful poem entitled ‘Health is Wealth’. Bhumika, Niharika and Anjali presented banners with health tips on them. Rashi from X standard made students aware about Health by interrogating the young minds. Towards the end of the Assembly Ms. Pooja, Incharge of Health & Wellness Club gave a talk on “Small Bite- Big Threat: Next to her , Mrs. Geeta Gaba, Activity Incharge, enlightened the students about the importance of Health & Wellness.

At last Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan, Principal Shared the dice and concluded the assembly with his seasoned thoughts.


Inter Class Display Board Competition

An Inter-class display board competition was organised by R.E.D. School, Jhajjar on 16 April, 2015. The competition was organised to bring out the energies of students together as it was a collective effort of all the students. The competition also aimed at the improvement in the habit of writing on different topics. The classes were divided into 5 categories i.e. III-IV, V-VI, VI-VIII, IX-X, XI-XII

The topics covered were My Contribution to School, My Contribution to Conserve Nature & ‘Betiya : Ghar ka Vaibhav’ respectively.

The students took active part & brought their best in displaying their talent. The presentation, variety in content, relevance & involvement areas were taken in to deep consideration.

At least Principal Mr. Ronald Chauhan addressed the students and sensitised them towards the appreciation of beauty and beautiful presentation.


Inter Branch Dance Competition

Dancing is a way to express oneself through the movement and artistic chorography choosing a song matching actions to the music and the lyrics is quite a special talent. apability to dance provides an opportunity to a student to participate in school functions & contribute to the spirit & pride of the school settings. The specific skills which are associated with this activity include endurance flexibility, creativity, rhythm & co-ordination. To inculcate team spirit through this activity, inter branch dance competition was held on 16 July in Chhuchhakwas. Students participated in this competition with enthusiastically & wholeheartedly.It was a very tough competition but still all participants did their best. This competition allowed the students to express themselves & to enjoy hard efforts. This taught them the value of working together towards a common goal & gave them a sense of healthy competition.         In this competition Jhajjar branch stood Ist, Chhuchhakwas stood IInd & Dadri Branch secured IIIrd position


Carrom Board Competition

The main objective behind Carrom Board Competition was to imbibe in children the tendency to concentrate, to develop motor-skills and most importantly to stimulate the mind in order to become agile. The students from all three branches took part & showed their immense interest in it. They dashed their opponents & brought laurel to their respective branches. Principal Sir, Mr. Amit Ronald, boosted up participants’ morale praising their spirit. Sir conferred the medals to the winner team. Ist Position was grabbed by R.E.D. Sr. Sec. Chh.was, IInd position was secured by R.E.D., Jhajjar and the IIIrd position was secured by R.E.D. Charkhi Dadri.


Chess Competition

R.E.D. School, Jhajjar organised a series of Inter Branch competition. Chess was one of those games. The main objective to organize ‘Chess Competition’ was to provide an opportunity to the students to hone up their decision making skill. Students performed well beyond the expectation. Principal Sir, Mr. Amit Ronald conferred  the medals to the winner team. First position was secured by R.E.D., Jhajjar, II position by R.E.D. Sr. Sec. Chh.was and III position was secured by R.E.D. Charkhi Dadri. Principal Sir praised and congratulated the blooming chess champions


Inter Branch Yoga Competition

 ‘Healthy Mind Resides in a Healthy Body’ working on this cliché R.E.D. School, Jhajjar, organised Yoga Competition amongst its all three branches. The objective of this competition was to revive dormant life-style that should be part & parcel of everybody’s life Regular Yoga and workouts are remedy to stress & anxiety that  are great hurdles in diversified development of children.So  R.E.Dians took initiative to disseminate it through this competition.Principal Sir, Mr. Ronald appreciated their efforts and motivated them to keep their spirit high. Sir awarded winners. Ist position was hold by R.E.D. Charkhi Dadri, IInd position was secured by R.E.D. Sr. Sec. Chh.was,  and IIIrd position was secured by R.E.D., Jhajjar respectively.


World Heart Day

World Heart Day was organized at R.E.D. School, Jhajjar on 29 September. Students presented some thought provoking activities to highlight the purpose for the celebration of World Heart Day as well as the effects it aims at. Through a mime, the seriousness of the situation regarding heart diseases in the world was presented. Through the presentation of some ‘Yogasans’, a healthy lifestyle was advocated so that the heart diseases could be controlled. Principal Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan presented some very fitting information about the need for strong action to control heart diseases.


Inter-Branch Mime Competition


Inter-House Social Science Quiz

To improve the Social Science knowledge in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar, there was Inter-House Social Science Quiz conducted under the Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior categories. It was conducted by the Teachers of Social Science department. The participants showed their excellent capability of intellegency. There was a very tough competition among all the Houses. In Sub-Junior group, Unity House secured. First, Equality House-Second, Freedom and Peace Houses-Third positions. In Junior group, Unity House secured first position, Equality House second and Freedom House-third position. In Senior group, Freedom House secured First position, Peace House-secured-Second and Equality & Unity House third position. The gifts were also given to participants and audience also by the teachers of Social Science department. Principal Sh. Amit Ronald Chauhan said, “The present society is the society of competition. To achieve success in every fields, there is a great need of the knowledge of current affairs & Social Science. Congratulating to winning candidates he advises to others not to be disappointed.


Haryana Day Celebration

Ist of November has a great significance in the history of Haryana. As it is the foundation day of Haryana It was sepreated from Punjab state. This day is celebrated as Birthday of Haryana.

Haryana Day was celebrated in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar with great enthusiasm. Everyone was very happy. Many activities were held on this day. It was started with speech in which Haryana was highlighted from starting till now. Many students recited Haryanvi Poems which gave a massage of Haryanvi culture & values. There were songs telling us about the decline of our culture – that we are suppose to maintain in our society and at last there was folk dance of Haryana. All were very happy.


Fancy Dress Competition

R.E.D. School, Jhajjar witnessed the Fancy Dress Competition for 3-5 classes on 5th November 2015. It was the must awaited event for the audience, as it is always a pleasure to watch the toddlers dressed up as different characters.

The students came forward displaying their vibrant costumes. The participant dressed up as – Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Pretty fairy, postman, Model, Magician and many more. The competition brought an amiable ambience & the judges retorted with their applause. It was indeed a mesmerizing event which will be past of our memory for a long time.



Inter Branch Poem Competition

Inter Branch Poem Recitation competition was observed in R.E.D School Jhajjar on 6th November Under the amiable guidance of hon’ble Chief guest Mr. Amit Ronald.

 Contestants recited their poem on the various themes like Mother, Daughter and Nature. Entire ambience was soaked in their message-giving poems. Every participant was well prepared to beat opponents. Participants took care of pronunciation, intonation & pause. They retained their confidence till end for they were supposed to be judged on above criterion.

            No doubt that moto of any competition is to reveal and shine their latent talents, so to reward their efforts judges of each branch conferred following position to them. Ist position Chhuchhakwas branch got, IInd position was given to Dadri and IIIrd position was given to Jhajjar Branch.

Activity in Charge Mrs. Gaba not only thanked but also inspired the students to continue participating in further activities with the same mementous.