World Heritage Day 2016

Club activities are good example of learning beyond book. For this same purpose, Heritage club conducted the assembly on the special day of April 18, 2016. This day is celebrated as ‘The World Heritage Day’ every year. To celebrate the importance of the day, students performed some very interesting and meaningful activities during the assembly.

On this occasion, the special morning assembly included a speech, quiz, amazing facts, poems and a skit. After a warm welcome, Khushboo delivered a speech on Heritage and thought was told by Divya. The Hindi skit forwarded a very important message about the importance the saving the monuments and sites and their uses for sports. Then Bhawna told amazing facts related to our Indian Heritage. Poems were recited by Ekta & Monika. The quiz was conducted by Vinay during the assembly to update the general knowledge of the students. At last, but not least, a group of students came on the stage with their message giving slogans. All the students were very excited & took an oath to save their heritage.


World Earth Day Celebration

Club provides opportunities for youth to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and form relationship with adult. Some clubs focus on a specific area, thus allowing members to develop their skill and interests in that area. For the same purpose on the occasion of Earth Day April 22, marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental moment was celebrated by Eco Club in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. To celebrate the importance of the day students performed very interesting and meaningful activities during the assembly.

On this occasion a special morning assembly was conducted included a speech, quiz, amazing facts, poems and a beautiful skit. After a warm welcome Niharika (X-T) delivered a speech on World Earth Day and inspiring thought was told by Lakshmi (8-T). A heart touching skit forwarded a very important message about the saving of trees. Yahsika told amazing facts related to World Earth Day. A mime was played by Parul, Chirag, Deepanshu, Ishika,m Manish Kumar, Gulshan and Jatin.

The quiz was also conducted during the assembly to enhance the awareness of the students. Finally the choir group sang a promise song to protect the Mother Earth. All the students enjoyed the song and took an oath to save the nature.



R.E.D. Offers Tribute to Mothers

A mother is she who can take the place of all others

But whose place no one else can take.

Mothers are usually treated with exceptional respect and they truly deserve that. On Mother’s Day , mothers are formally given special treatment to mark their  importance.

To honor all mothers of the world and thank their efforts in bringing up children in the best possible manner, R.E.D. School Jhajjar celebrated Mother’s Day at its campus. This day was celebrated on behalf of Literary Club. Morning assembly was conducted by Literary club’s students and a very impressive skit was presented in English to offer thankfulness to the mothers in an apt manner. A solo song was also presented by Gavish in his melodious voice. Audience were spell bound by the performance of the students at the stage and experienced the emotions that suited the importance of the day. A speech in Hindi and an English poem were also presented by students.

Principal sir shared some very nice and impressive views about the status and importance that mothers hold in human life. The event was very heartwarming and the zeal of the students was really praiseworthy.


World Malaria Day

Health & Wellness is first and fore-most, a choice to assume responsibility for the quality of your life. It begins with a conscious decision to shape a healthy life style. Our club provides opportunity to participate in various activities aimed at wellness. Wellness depends on a continuous effort and is unique to each individual person. Health is a dynamic process because it is always changing. With the same regard, our club organized “World Malaria Day” on 25 April, 2016.

            Assembly was conducted by Health & Wellness Club. Students came  on the stage one by one to present the  thought of the day , amazing facts and speech. A meaningful thought was delivered by Harshita. Sakshi told us some amazing facts about Malaria disease. Sanjana from 8th Jasmine delivered a beautiful Speech on Malaria Day. Mr. Amit Dahiya, the club Incharge, introduced our club. After that, to create awareness a beautiful skit was staged by Rishika, Disha, Satvik, Kunal, Yuvi and Gavish presenting a great message to the on-lookers about “How to keep Malaria at Bay”

Principal Sir, Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan, not only appreciated the efforts of the students but also shared how it can be prevented.


Inter Class Display Board Competition

An Inter Class Display Board Competition was organized by R.E.D. School, Jhajjar on 19 April 2016. The main aim of this competition was to create awareness among the students on some interesting and thoughtful topics. Different topics were given to different categories-primary, middle and secondary.

          The topics assigned to different categories were “Hygiene – A mantra for Healthy life”, “Values vs technology”, “India’s new Horizone” respectively.

          The students participated with full enthusiasm under the guidance of respective teachers. Students and teachers worked very well and brainstormed to put across the information on the board innovatively. The outcome of the effort was awesome in the form of artistically presented display board with not just the information presented effectively but also with the innovative use of colourful articles.


Inter House Display Board Competition

The school is the best place of learning something new, and to develop skills like creativity, social skill. To fulfill this purpose, an Inter House Displayed Board Competition was held in the school premises. The Competition was organized by Literary Club. Theme of decoration was ‘Communial Harmony’. Five students from each house were selected who completed the task with great zeal and enthusiasm. They showed their interest and creativity.

All the boards were decorated nicely. There was nothing to explain rather boards were themselves explaining everything. At last jury served the judgment In this series Unity House grabbed 1st position, Freedom 2nd and Peace 3rd. Overall it was an activity brimming of knowledge, innovation.


Inter-Class Bag maintenance Competition

In R.E.D. School, Jhajjar, Inter Class Bag Maintenance Competition was organized on 22nd April, 2016 from class Nursery to XII. The main aim of this competition was to create awareness among the students regarding maintenance of their bag and to tell them the importance of maintenance in their life.

The students of Class Nursery to XII participated with full enthusiasm under the guidance of their respective teachers.

Students were judged on the basis of 3 criteria – Notebooks & Book covering, Updation of Diary and Regularity in bringing tools daily. It was a difficult task to judge them because all students are regular has still they participated actively. The outcome of the efforts was fantastic.

It was a difficult task to judge them because they knew well the necessity of being regular & punctual in bringing the learning tools.



Best Tiffin Competition

The ‘Best Tiffin Competition’ was held on 29, April 2016 during recess time in all the classes. Every student was so happy and excited for this Competition. Even the parents were also excited so that they had done a lot of efforts and they gave a variety of food to their wards. It was not so easy to judge the best out of the good varieties.

This activity was held to infuse in them the habit to avoid the junk food. Because food plays a very important role in student’s physical and mental development. It is necessary to supply the nutrients good for their health and this is the stage where they can form their habit to have good and healthy food.





Topic : Sports: A filed full of scope  for Students

The views presented by all the students were very impressive. The topic was explored by the participants in a wonderful manner. The scope for students in the field of sports, the hurdles to adopt sports as career, the efforts done by government for developing this field as a career and the change in attitude of the society towards sports were the main issues raised by the participants and discussed in details.

Dadri branch stood first due to extraordinary efforts of Master Tanuj Chhuchhakwas branch stood second and Jhajjar branch had to be satisfied with 3rd position.

Principal Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan was all praise for the efforts of the students. He shared some very valuable views related to the topic as well as to the importance of participation of students in such competitions.



Science means gaining knowledge through experiments and analysis of various phenomenon taking place in our surrounding. For this observation a person needs to have keen desire for knowledge and deep good thinking and observation skills.

To check these abilities in our children and to improve it science quiz was organized at R.E.D. school, Jhajjar on 9 & 11 July 2016 in three categories – Sub Junior, Junior, Senior.

Results :-

                                                First                           Second                      Third

Sub Jr. Category                 Freedom                   Unity                          Equality

Junior Category                 Equality                     Peace                         Freedom

Senior Category                 Peace                         Equality                     Freedom

Principal Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan congratulated the winner and participants. He also motivated other students to take part in such competitions.



R.E.D. believes in Diversified development of the students so it offers a verity of games Competitions. Maintaing the spirit and catering to their interest on 7, 8 & 11 July 2016. It conducted Inter House Chess Competitions for all three categories Sub Junior, Junior & Senior categories meant for boys. 36 students participated in it under the able guidance of  avid coaches Mr. Rakesh & Mr. Dinesh. Result for the competition is as follows :

                                                First                           Second                      Third

Sub Jr. Category                 Peace                         Freedom                   Unity

Junior Category                 Peace                         Unity                          Equality

Senior Category                 Unity                          Peace                         Freedom

It Proved really challenging for the students for they had to be very vigilant & rational. Principal Sir Amit Ronald Chauhan appreciated the efforts of participant and congratulated them for their remarkable achievement.


Inter Branch Yoga Competition

Yoga and Sports club organized the event Inter Branch Yoga Competition. The  Competition was meant for group for both girls & boys. The purpose was to make young children aware about the benefits of Yoga. Yoga keeps the body agile, enhances attention span and helps to make body immune to diseases & ailments.

Students from their respective Branches – R.E.D. School, Jhajjar, R.E.D. School, Chrakhi Dadri, R.E.D. Sr. Sec. School, Chhuchhakwas Branch represented various Asanas. Their energetic steps and ability to balance the posture was remarkable. In this competition coincidently the position is same for both girls and boys R.E.D. School, Chhuchhakwas I, R.E.D. School, Jhajjar II and R.E.D. Dadri had to be satisfied with III position.

Principal Sir also boosted their moral up by appreciating them. He suggested them to do Yoga regularly as it will definitely impact their studies.


The Senior Citizen Day

Legal Literacy Club conducted the assembly on 9th August 2016. This day was celebrated as “The Senior Citizen Day”. Students performed purposeful activities during the assembly.

         On this event, the special morning assembly included as speech, poems, importance of the day and a skit. Gagan delivered a speech on the importance of Senior Citizens in our life and the poems were recited by Khushi and Anshu.

The English skit forwarded a message about the importance of the senior citizens in our life. At last a group of the students classes III-V came on the stage to tell the qualities of their grandparents. All the students were very inspired.  


Raksha Bhandhan Celebration 2016.

The love and a great bond between brother & sister is expressed formally on Raksha – Bandhan Earlier, the trend was confined to tie a thread on the wrist of brother, gradually, this simple thread transformed into various beautiful, funky & modish Rakhis’.

So, to keep in mind both objectives – to keep alive the sanctity of the festival & to bring creativity the Rakhi Making Competition was held in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar on 17 August 2016.

The competition was held class wise Students showcased their capability & creativity making Rakhis’ with different material. The Art teacher, the ultimate source of inspiration & guidance, made appreciable efforts & finally students proved it by securing the following position.


Bhajan Competition

Bhajan Competition was held on 09 September in R.E.D. premises. This unprecedented activity was conducted by Music Club.

Music club aims to nurture & polish students’ music-instinct. So music club initiated to organize Inter House ‘Bhajan Competition’ that was meant for Jr. & Sr. category. Students were expected to show refined sense of rhythm with matching scale, and ups & downs of the tone. Every contestant was well prepared and proved his/her potential. The entire ambience of the school was immersed in religious echoes. They, though have immense talent yet show apathy towards cultural items/programmes. So Music club paid attention & clapping with the singers.

The competition was a great one as it satiated not only curricular need but also gratified the religions hunger. The Panel of Judges Ms. Nisha & Ms. Aruna also appreciated the efforts of the contestants’. Both of the judges praised them for their choice of Bhajan & their prowers to entice the audience.

The melody of each ‘bhajan’ was really good. The result of the competition was as follows:

Ist Unity House, IInd Freedom House & IIIrd position was occupied by Peace House.

Students realized the worth of such competitions as it gives the opportunity to explore their latent qualities.

Principal Sir, Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan blessed the winners with best wishes & prayed for their bright future.


Mother Talent Show 2016

Mothers’ Talent Show was held on 4th October 2016 in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar following the tradition of making efforts to recognize the unnoticed talent of mothers’ of its students’. Function was started with lighting the Lamp & formal address by Principal Sir Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan.

 It is believed that fleeting time & hustle-bustle of modern life has stolen the interest and taste of life. Such events prove a great help to rejuvenate mothers’ phase of life when their creativity, their confidence and their belief are required to sustain. This show celebrated the young champs’ mothers’ talent in area of singing & dancing. Mothers’ singing performance was no less than maestro. Songs like “Chanda Hai Tu, Mera Suraj Hai Tu” was really heart throbbing. Mothers prove themselves the best dancers jazzing up on Haryanvi beats.

This event proves a great support to prepare little children for various activities by their personality moulders—Mothers.

Mothers were given a memento as the token of acknowledgement. Activity incharge extended her thanks to make the event successful by participating eagerly.



Fancy Dress Competition 2016


Dussehra Celebration  2016

R.E.D. School, Jhajjar celebrated Dussehera on 8/10/16. R.E.D school aims to nurture the values in students, so such events can be proven a small step in this trajectory to shape their personality.

It was organised by Astronomy club with the collaboration of Music & Art Club. Apart from thought, speech, & quiz a short skit was enacted by students of IX Tulip. Huge effigy of Ravana was the centre of attraction. Students of IX Tulip made this event memorable through their impressive act & provocative dialogues. Manish, who acted the role of Ravana, exerted indelible impression upon the audience through his loud & stern voice. Audience enjoyed the battle between Ram & Ravana & Kept on encouraging Ram to overpower Ravana.

The aim of the skit was to make students aware about the values and knowledge that lie in scriptures such as Ramayana. It was an effort to give them life skill – that proud & arrogance often foil wisdom, that goodness is always victorious. Students wrote their biggest weakness or evil & burnt it with the effigy of Ravana symbolizing an effort to remove the evils from their heart.

Principal Sir Mr. Amit Ronal Chauhan also enhanced students’ knowledge throwing the light on Ravana’s character. He told that Ravana was not a simple man rather he was a scholar. The things that proved the cause of his devastation was his pride & arrogance. He inspired students to sharpen their rational power & to strengthen their self confidence.


Diwali Celibration 2016


Diya and Matki Competition.

On the occasion of Diwali, R.E.D. School Jhajjar organized a special event to enable students to express their creativity in the most fluent manner while enjoying the day in the most unique fashion. Keeping in mind the importance of decorating the surroundings on the occasion of Diwali, the school organized “Diya and Matki Decoration Competition”. The enthusiasm that the children displayed while using their understanding of colours and designs to decorate their respective selected items was unparalleled.

The activity was time bound to give it a feel of competition and the manner in which children responded to the limits set for them was extraordinary. They came up with exceptional designs and and used colours in absolutely professional manner to decorate the simple clay items so as to turn them into great artifacts.

The teachers also enjoyed the activity a lot while being present as silent observers while the young artists were busy in giving rise to unique designs.


Inter Branch Collage Making Competition.

The Jhajjar branch of R.E.D. School hosted the “Inter Branch Collage Making Competition- 2016” on  26th Oct. Teams from all the three branches of the school participated in the competitions and presented a great display of competitive spirit.

The participants came up with exceptionally professional designs and gave rise to a stiff competition. The competition is one of the later additions to the list of activities conducted at the school to ensure all-round growth of the students. However, the proficiency of the students in dealing with the activity was praiseworthy.

The level of competition was so high that the judges had hard time in deciding the winner of the competition. R.E.D. Chhuchhakwas Branch was able to outclass others and secure first position. R.E.D. School, Jhajjar Branch stood second and R.E.D. Dadri, Bhiwani branch had to be satisfied with third position.


Inter House Maths Quiz


Scholarship Distribution 2016


Children’s Day Celebration 2016


Xmas Day Celebrations in the School Campus

The school campus of R.E.D. School Jhajjar witnessed a wonderful cultural programme to mark Christmas day. The function was held on 23 December 2016 and students presented a tremendous combination of artistic skills to make the environment festive.

The students presented a short skit that displayed the situations surrounding Jesus Christ’s birth. The skit showed the importance of the birth of the messiah as well as the significance of his birth for the world. It also clarified the reasons for the significance of the festival for the world. As far as the real festive mood was concerned, a unique experiment with the all popular ‘Jingle Bells’ song left the audience spellbound. The students loved the combination of Punjabi beats with the song that is a hallmark of Christmas Day.

The celebration was also marked by a number of other performances including presentations based on dance and carols. The children spent a wonderful time while celebrating the festival that is celebrated, probably, by the highest number of people across the world.


Shastriya Sangeet  Program at         RED School, Jhajjar


Computer Quiz Competition.

This quiz was specially design for the students of class IIIrd to XIIth  to get know about their computer knowledge and  in addition to their knowledge of Microsoft office & Internet. R.E.D School, Jhajjar organized a Computer quiz Competition at Inter House on 27-December 2016. The DTP Club was the host of Computer Quiz.

The Quiz was divided into three categories i.e. Sub junior(3rd-5th), Junior (6th-8th) and Senior (9th-12th). The quiz had 5 rounds including questions of internet, basic of computer, MS office etc. All Participates found it very interesting and fascinating. They all took part with great zeal. In this competition, the team from Unity house from Sub Junior group, Equality house from Junior group, Unity house from Senior  group was able to get hold of first position. The team from peace house from Sub Junior group and Junior group , Freedom house from Senior group  secured second spot while the team from freedom  house from Sub Junior group, Unity house from Junior group, Equality house from Senior  group, had to be contented with third position. This Quiz helps in improving Skills and knowledge of computer. The activity proved to be path paving.



Social studies curriculum is designed to enable students to enhance understanding of the social system through the culture & values to create a multi-ethnic society of national integration.

Our school organised a S.St quiz for sub junior, Junior & Senior category on 1st , 2nd & 3rd December. Students from all four houses participated in this quiz. From each house there were three participants. Mr. P.K. Joon was the judge for this quiz. Total 5 rounds were held. Questions were picked from the syllabus of History, Civics & Geography. G.K., maps, identification of photos, Historical building etc.

Results :-

                                                First                           Second                   Third

Sub Jr. Category                 Unity                          Equality              Freedom, peace

Junior Category                 Freedom, Peace     Unity                          Equality

Senior Category                 Unity                          Peace                         Equality


Principal Sir, Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan congratulated the winner and participants. He also motivated other students to take part in such competitions. It was a wonderful students & a chance to gain significant knowledge about one of the major subjects i.e. Social-Science.



Inter House Patriotic Solo song competition was held on 25 Jan., 2017 for Sub Jur. & Junior category by Visual and Performing Art Club. One-One student from each category represented their house in this competition. It was conducted to invoke a strong sense of patriotism in the students.

The space was resplendent with a feeling of belonging and pride. Students avidly exhibited their patriotism through their melodious songs. The audience too, could not stop themselves and sang together.

Ms. Sheetal and Ms. Aruna, the jury members judged the students on various criteria like rhythm and coordination, confidence, melody and body gesture.

And in sub Junior. category Pease House was declared 1st position holder, 2nd position was shared Equality & Freedom and Unity was at 3rd position. In Junior category Equality scored highest marks and got 1st position, Peace House also maintained its reputation and got 2nd position whereas Freedom House had to be satisfied with 3rd position.

Principal Sir, Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan congratulated the winners as well as participants. He also motivated other students to take part in such competitions.



Martyrs’ Day Celebrated

R.E.D. School Jhajjar celebrated Martyrs’ Day on 30 January 2017 at the school campus. The day is celebrated on death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi but symbolises a tribute to all the martyrs of the Struggle for Independence. The day was given the due importance and the great martyrs were given apt tribute by the children through various specially planned and beautifully executed activities.

The usual tradition of observing silence of two minutes in respect for the great souls was held at the beginning of the occasion. Following that, students paid very emotional tributes to the great souls through a poem based on Gandhi ji, a patriotic song, a skit reflecting soldiers’ training to defend the country and a speech on the importance of the day.

The children displayed great talent and hearty feelings to express the gratitude of the nation towards the martyrs who laid their life for the nation. Principal Mr. Amit Ronald Chauhan also paid his tribute to the martyrs and praised the efforts of the students


Basant Panchmi Celebration


Inter House Spell Well Competition

An Inter House Spell Well Competition was organised on 14th Feb., 2017 in the School Assembly area for classes III to V. This competition was one out of the numerous enjoyable competitions that give students a platform to learn spellings in different ways. This competition help students to improve their spellings, enhance their vocabulary.

Children participated earnestly in the competition. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all. The competition was conducted in the form of quiz which had following four rounds:

  1. i) First Round (Complete the words)
  2. ii) Second Round (Rearrange the words)

iii) Third Round (Tick the correct Spelling)

  1. iv) Fourth Round (Rapid fire)

There were three participants from each House. Unity House got the 1st  position, Peace House got 2nd  position 3rd  Position was got by Equality House. Students efforts were highly appreciated by Principal.


Inter House Orchestra Competition.

Music speaks what cannot be expressed. Soothes the mind & gives it rest heals the heart and makes it whole flows from heaven to the soul.

With the aim of honing the musical skills of the students, an Inter House Musical Competition was organised by R.E.D. School for classes (III-VIII). The spectators bore witness to the enthusiasm & energy of the students as they enthralled everyone with their performances. In the closely contested Competition, Freedom House claimed Ist Position, Peace House 2nd Position, Equality House 3rd Position and Unity House 4th Position.

Principal Ms. Geeta Gaba to motivated children to bring out showcase their hidden talent. She wished the winners for bright future.