On 09 August Inter House Display Board Competition was held in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. The objective of this competition is to provide students an opportunity to practice their presentation skills and communicate their ideas to their peers and adults, to provide students an opportunity to highlight the importance of creating learning environment. The theme of this competition was ‘Unity In Diversity’. Unity in diversity is a famous concept which best fits on India. Unity in diversity is Unity among people without uniformity. People living in India are from various religions, casts and beliefs, however, they are living with unity and proving the fact that ‘Unity in diversity’. The same theme was presented beautifully by four houses: – Unity, Peace, Equality and Freedom. This competition was held under the guidance of Mrs. Sunita Dhawan. In this competition Unity House got first position, Peace house got second position and Freedom house got third position.


Inter Branch One Act Play

Inter Branch one act play was conducted on 26th August 2017 in Jhajjar Brnach. The purpose is to develop the skill of communication and to enhance their confidence level.

          There were 4 themes decided for the play and they were : Comedy, Tragedy, Social issue and emotional.

The students had to choose any topic/play relevant to the themes.

The time limit for completing the act was 10-15 minutes. Such competitions always help in improving students confidence level and they become a better sensitive person since they enact complex human emotions and they understand the great work of literature in a better way.


Power point Competition

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is commonly used in both businesses and classrooms. Built-in professional-looking graphics and tools allow even the most novice user to create impressive visual presentations. So power point presentation competition is one activity that test the ability of participants to present their views and ideas. The Jhajjar branch of R.E.D Group organized an inter House Power point competition on 8 August 2017.

The topic for competition was

  • Management of water resources
  • iOS versus Android
  • Greatest discoveries of the last decade
  • Internet vs Newspapers
  • Social networking effects
  • How has social media impacted your life?
  • Global warming

The participants were full of enthusiasm and clearly showed how well they had prepared for the competition. The team from Freedom House secured First position , Unity house second spot while the team from Equality House had to be contented with third position.


Inter House Poster Making Competition

Poster making competition was held on 13th August, 2017 in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. The activity was conducted to inculcate the feeling of patriotism among the students of Sub jr. category (III to V). Students showed great enthusiasm and it enhanced their creative skills as students came up with innovative ideas for making Poster. The results as mentions below :

                                                 1st                          2nd                               3rd

Sub. Junior Category        Freedom House      Equality House        Freedom House

Principal of R.E.D. School Jhajjar Smt. Geeta Gaba appreciated the efforts of participants.


Teacher Day Celebration :

Teacher’s day was celebrated on 5th September in R.E.D. School, Jhajjar Everyone was excited as all the teachers were invited for a grand programme organised by students of class XI & XII. The aim of the activity was to work with a group to act out a play using vocabulary words. There was a speech by Ms. Sarita Malhan on the life of Dr. Radha Krishanan Sarvapalli. Ms. Anju and Mr. Parveen sang a song followed by a poem recitation by Aruna Mam. After that student teachers were introduced and their real teachers were given gifts by the student teachers. The programme included dance and song performed by the students. Teachers got very delighted by the programme organized for them.

          Students always look forward to Teacher’s Day with a lot of anticipation for sheer spirit of the occasion. Students participated with enthusiasm and enjoyed a lot. At last honourable principal Ms. Geeta Gaba gave a speech to motivate students.


Hindi Divas Celebration :

September 14, 1949 was when Hindi was adopted as the official language of the Constituent Assembly. And with an aim to rekindle the love for India’s official language among students R.E.D. School, Jhajjar celebrated ‘Hindi Week’ from 07 Sep. to 14 Sep. with great gusto, wherein the Hindi Department held a special session. It was organised by Literary Club.

The school celebrated Hindi Week by showcasing poetry recitation, Hindi essay writing and Hindi Declamation competitions. The students of classes (3-10) participated in the above inter-house activities.

The closing ceremony of Hindi Week was held on 14th Sep., 2017. A special assembly was conducted in Hindi on this day. The topics for the day were Dowery system, Corruption, Girls education & Women Empowerment. Each and every student took interest in mother language to have through knowledge together with other necessities of being success. They came to know that language plays an important role in making people to people contact between any countries. The programme ended with a prize distribution ceremony for competition.

Our honourable activity Incharge Ms. Sunita Dhawan distributed prizes and gave motivational speech to explore their Hindi language knowledge with different hues and flavours.


Hindi Declamation Competition:

Inter House Hindi Declamation competition for juniors and seniors was held on 7th September 2017. The aim of the competition was to inculcate the interest among the students for their national language. The students spoke very confidently and brought out new facts and information about the above topics. In junior category Equality house got first position, Freedom house got second and Peace house got third position. In senior category first position was bagged by Freedom house, second was bagged by Equality house and third was bagged by Unity house. It was a joyful and enriching experience for the students. It was a pleasure to see them responding spontaneously. At last our honourable principal Ms. Geeta Gaba gave a motivational speech to students. The programme concluded with the National Anthem.



Hindi Poem Recitation Competition

In R.E.D. school, Jhajjar Hindi week is being celebrated. Today (12 Sep. 2017) Poetry recitation competition was organized. It was category wise competition. There were two different categories – 3rd to 5th and 6th to 8th. There was taught competition among four houses. In 3rd to 5th category Freedom house got 1st position, Equality house got 2nd position, Unity house got 2nd position and Priyanshu from Peace house got 3rd position. In 6th to 8th category Unity house got 1st position, Peace house got 2nd position and Freedom house got 3rd position.


Inter House Computer Quiz Competition 2017.

This quiz was specially design for the senior students of class IX to XII to get know about their computer knowledge and  in addition to their knowledge of IT, Programming Language, Microsoft office/open office & Internet /networking . R.E.D School, Jhajjar organized a Computer Quiz Competition  at Inter House level on 1st December, 2017.   The IT Club was the host of this Computer Quiz.

The Quiz had four team from four houses. The quiz had 4 rounds including questions of fundamental of IT, Abbreviation, MS office/open office, Programming language and Rapid Fire  etc. All Participates found it very interesting and fascinating. They all took part with great zeal. In this competition, the team from Unity House was able to get hold of first position. The team from Peace House and Equality secured second spot while the team from Freedom House had to be contented with third position. This Quiz helps in improving Skills and knowledge of computer. The activity proved to be path paving.


Work Education :No Work No Joy

Work without pleasure is like poetry without words.

As Mahatma Gandhi has said “ the brain must be educated through the hands”.

Young brigade of any country are the potential Dreamers who have  the courage and will to bring chances in abundance. Work and education are closely related. Work education is viewed as a way to inculcate a value of work and its dignity.

Keeping in mind the same thoughts R.E.D. School, Jhajjar also organized a work education session on 14 Dec. 2017 and the theme of the activity was “Cooking without fire”. In this activity class VI to X were involved and different topics were given to each class, like VI class was given to prepare something with fruits, VII class was given to prepare Sandwich, VIII class-Shakes, IX Class- Bhelpuri and X class- Any dish with biscuits.

It was stimulating enough for the students as they were given freedom to sit in a group and exhibit their creativity. The students came up with some enticing ideas and through this activity they also learnt that healthy eating can also be mouth watering and equally tasty.

The Principal herself went to each class and tastes what the students had prepared. She gave some valuable comments and suggestions to the students to the students to motivate them for keeping their spirit upraised.

The lambency of their faces was a treat to watch as their eyes looked so promising to come up with some more sassy ideas next time.

Overall the activity was carried out successfully fulfilling its basic purpose.


District level Youth Festival

A ‘District level Youth Festival’ was organized by the district youth and sports organization at Jahanara Baag Stadium Jhajjar on 9th Nov, 2017. Students from various schools across Jhajjar district had come there to showcase thin spirit and talent. R.E.D. School Jhajjar also participated in ‘One Act Play’, ‘Tabla’ and ‘Hindi and English Speech’ competition. Students of R.E.D. Jhajjar got first position in ‘One Act Play’, second in ‘Tabla’ and third in ‘English Speech’ competition. The competition was also for the selection of ‘State Level Competitions’ and our school is going to participate in that as well.


Pashudhan Mela

Government of harayana organized a Pashudhan Mela in Police line, jhajjar on 29 October 2017. Students of R.E.D. School, Jhajjar participated to perform “VandeMatarm” and “National Anthem” in front of our honorable Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar. We got appreciation and blessing from CM.



National level Art Competition was conducted by Rangostav Celebration Mumbai for students of R.E.D. School, Jhajjar. Around 266 students from classes KG to 8th took part in the Collage making, Handwriting and Painting Competition and 14 students secured prizes at various levels. Shubham from class 7th got II position in Colouring competition and Bhavishaya from class 3rd gt III position in the same. 4 students got Art merit award and 10 students got golden awards in collage, colouring and Handwriting competition. Principal of R.E.D. School, Jhajjar had distributed the prizes to the achievers and blessed them.


Inter Branch Computer Quiz Competition.

This quiz was specially design for the students of class IX to XII to get know about their computer knowledge and in addition to their knowledge of Programming language & Internet. R.E.D School, Chhuchhakwas organized a Inter Branch Computer Quiz Competition on 19th December, 2017.  The IT Club was the host of Computer Quiz.

The Quiz had three teams from three Branches. The quiz had 6 rounds including questions of Abbreviation, basic of computer, MS office, Rapid Fire, Programming language and Internet etc. All Participates found it very interesting and fascinating. They all took part with great zeal. In this competition, the team from our branch i.e. Jhajjar Branch was able to get hold of first position. The team from Chhuchhakwas Branch and Dadri Branch secured second spot. This Quiz helps in improving Skills and knowledge of computer. The activity proved to be path paving.


Lohri Celebration in school campus: